Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Coke Cleanse for Kidney Stones and More

Welcome to "Cleanse the Waste Wednesday!"  "What's up Wednesday" was fun...but I needed a day to focus on cleansing.  So many people are coming to me with the need to here is the beginning of a new series.  Yahoo!

 This is one of the most effective cleanses that I have seen, and it is relatively easy.
  • 6 cans Classic Coke™ 
  • 6-8 oz Asparagus (Fresh is best, but you can substitute frozen or canned)*
  • 1 gallon of distilled water
Open all the cans of coke a few hours before you plan to get started, to let the fizz out (and stop eating).  You will want the Coke to be room temp (some people like to heat it up...not sure if they like the taste better warm, if they think it adheres to the stones better hot or if they think that boiling it will remove the caffeine or something, you are welcome to try it warm or hot, but room temp seems to be the best I've seen).  Drink all 6 of the cans within a 2 hour period of time.  Towards the end of your "drinking binge", prepare your asparagus* and once your coke is gone gobble up your asparagus as quickly as possible and then drink your distilled water at your own pace, throughout the day, until it is gone.  Avoid food for a few hours and plan to stay near the restroom as it begins to work almost immediately.  If you would like to see the stones you can strain and rinse your waste...This cleanse is mostly for kidney stones, but many of my clients report that it helps clear a lot more.  When we work on them before and after the cleanse I can almost always feel a difference in the signals to the liver, gall bladder and, in my mind this is much more than  a kidney flush.

People say that it works because of the phosphoric acid in the coke...but if that was the case, then people who drink a lot of Coke should never get stones, right?  Well, that's not true.  I do agree that the phosphoric acid helps to break the stones up...but I think it needs the asparagus and distilled water to work.  My theory is that when you drink that much coke in that quick of a time frame your body treats it like a poison and traps it.  When you eat the large amount of asparagus it changes the pH in the body and sends the phosphoric acid like a magnet to the stones, breaking them up and chasing them out of the body.  The distilled water dilutes what is left and continues washing it out of the body, but the most important part is that it rehydrates the body. As a side-note, soda pop, in general dehydrates the body...creating the ideal situation to create new stones, so if you have a tendency to get stones easily...avoid carbonation (this includes energy drinks).  Also, if this cleanse doesn't work well it may be because you were dehydrated to begin with and didn't drink enough water after.

*For the asparagus,  I was originally taught that no matter how you get it down, just do it.  You can cover it in butter, lemon juice or Hollandaise sauce, whatever you need to eat it, and to eat it quickly.  Later I learned that it is best to steam or boil it and then process it in a blender until well pureed...pure liquid.  As you drink it, chew it to mix it with saliva.  If you cannot do this, then do whatever it takes to get it down.  Pureed is best, but anything is better than nothing.

** this should NOT be painful.  If the kidney stones do not fully pass you can repeat the process within 3 days. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Waterless Baby Bath

Johnson and Johnson won't like this "Old Wives Tale Tuesday"'s all about taking care of babies skin naturally, with bare bones products.  Many new parents are cautious about what they put on their perfect new baby.  Some people only want to use doctor recommended products because they believe that their doctor has done the research and knows best, and others want to go all natural...well, this old wives tale has withstood the test of time. 

"Rubbing coconut or olive oil on your baby morning and night will beautify their skin and boost their immunity."  We called it the olive oil bath, growing up (we used olive oil because coconut oil wasn't as readily available, but now I use coconut oil).  Many parents have a nighttime bath routine...this is a good alternative, which saves time, laundry and water.  It does not replace baths all together, but spreads it out so that you can easily go a week between.  Let's face it, babies aren't sweating and smelly and don't play around in anything that would cause them to get dirty enough to merit a daily bath, but if that is what you use to train them for good hygiene later, or to calm them for bed...then keep doing what you are doing.

Babies are born with a natural skin protectant called vernix (I actually know people who hang out in delivery rooms and rub the vernix all over their own dry hands and elbows to heal cracks and rashes).  Society tells us that we must wash it all off immediately, but instinct tells me to keep it on as long as possible (wipe away any blood or meconium, of course).  The theory with this old wives tale is that rubbing the baby with the oil will help the body naturally absorb this coating, giving the skin a really good foundation.  Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic and helps boost the babies immunity.  I love the smell, but if the oil is a bit rancid be prepared for a baby that smells like sour milk.  I have found that as you gently massage in the oil it calms the baby and helps it to naturally bond to the caregiver giving the bath.  I haven't been as consistent as some of my siblings, but I humbly say that I am impressed with the clarity and natural glow of my children's skin.  I love it because I don't spend a lot of money on products that I can't explain all the ingredients, and my babies all love to get their clothes changed. 

So...wives tale or not, I believe that giving a quick coconut or olive oil bath as I change my children's clothes in the morning and night saves me time and creates beautiful results.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Look Before You Leap


Life if full of unexpected moments...take a look at this video that I ran across while visiting with my awesome sister-in-laws.  Get motivated, look before you leap, and have a GREAT WEEK!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Something to do for Low Self Esteem

Today is my first "Thankful Thursday" post.  I'm not certain about the name yet, so I'll give it a go as long as it works. Today we are going to talk about a Thankful Journal.  Maybe you have heard of this before and maybe you haven't.  I first heard of the idea when I was in Junior High.  Teenagers are mean, and when you have a funny looking face (like I did, because of the tumor I was born with) but seem pretty normal, they can be downright ruthless.  I was having a particularly hard time with self esteem because of the teasing and a friend told me about a project he had started in Africa called a "Thankful Circle."  As a community they were suffering great depression and sadness, my friend suggested that they meet once a day and each say 3 things they were thankful for.  It was extremely effective, changing the attitude and productivity of the entire area.

I wouldn't say I was suffering from depression, but I did have low self esteem, so I decided to start my own circle with me, myself and I...and I wanted to remember the things I was thankful for, so I started writing them down.  Every night before I went to bed I would make myself write 3 things that I was thankful for (even if I didn't feel thankful for a single cotton-pickin' thing), and  I soon found that it was so effective in making life seem better that I started writing 3 things I was thankful for every morning too.  Sometimes it was silly like "I'm thankful that I have ink in my pen so I don't have to get out of bed and look for another pen."  Sometimes it was really deep, "I'm thankful for the person who made the nails that hold my bed together.  Other times it was fitting to my situation, "I'm thankful that no one made fun of me today," or "I'm thankful that ______ spoke to me, it made me feel like someone besides my family actually cared about me."

Such a simple thing.  A thankful journal, merely recognizing the blessings around me, was the first important step I took to finding happiness in the midst of those tough teenage years.  It's never too late to look around and be thankful for the things that are around you.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Motivational Monday

Today is "Motivational Monday," ...and My Birthday!!! I feel very motivated to watch this movie clip, from Disney's Tangled, and run around the house singing songs about lanterns lighting the sky.  If it's not your might want to watch this little clip, from Alice in Wonderland, and have a very merry un-birthday!

I can't think of a better way to start the week.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Anything and Everything

Welcome to our first "Smart Sayings Saturday." This is meant to be a day where I share quotes that have changed my life for the better.  I can't think of a better way to start things off than with today's message.
"How you do anything is how you do everything."
-T. Harv Eker
This is my one of my all time FAVORITE quotes.  It's been 8 years since I attended "The Millionaire Mind Intensive," presented by the one and only T. Harv Eker and heard him give this quote in regards to becoming a millionaire.  This quote changed my life by changing the way that I looked at everything.  When I took a moment to fully absorb the meaning of these words a lightbulb was eternally lit within me.  How you handle, manage and approach any situation, challenge or experience in your life is how you most likely handle all of them.

For example, think about the way that you approach relationships, perform at work or react to a challenge.  You will start to see patterns of behavior and characteristics in all aspects of your life.  You will see similarities in the way that you behave, react, or get through everything.  If you are like Shirley Temple and always smile when you meet new people then you will be most likely to smile in the face of a challenge (can you tell what movies I've been checking out at the local library, wink wink).  If you are always trying to do that "one more thing" before you leave home and find yourself constantly late for appointments you can probably see that you are always trying to cram just "one more thing" into other aspects of your life too. How many things are you missing out on (or showing up late to) because you crammed that one more thing, etc.? Conflicts at work can be seen in conflicts at home, or within your mind (conflicting thoughts, aka indecisiveness).  If you are a hoarder with your stuff then you probably hang on to your relationships, work assignments, thoughts (grudges) and money (or dwell on the lack of money).

So, when you find that you are struggling with something in your life look at other areas to see how it is showing up there.  Sometimes the key will lie in fixing the struggle in a minor area.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Scheduling a Zone

How often should I schedule a zone?  That is the one question everyone seems to have...and my answer is different for every person but always starts with a return question.  Why did you come for a zone, or what are you wanting to work on with return visits?  Here are my cookie cutter answers (what I would do if I were in the particular situation):

Intense Health Issue 
(such as cancer, kidney failure etc. where the person has literally given up on everything else and is coming to me as an absolute last resort).
Every 3 days for 7 treatments (covering every day of the week in the order you start) and then every 8 days until we start to see results.*

Chronic Concerns or Annoyances
(such as Arthritis, Plantar faciitis, depression, infertility etc.).
Pick a series program to "reset" your system (see last weeks post about series choices here) This includes 8 treatments over a 2-3 month period, on specific days.*

Simply Feeling Out of Balance
Every 2 weeks for 3-5 months or until things start to feel right again. Consistency is the key to this one.*

Generally Healthy But Want a Body "Tune Up"
Tune up series is 5 treatments over a two month period, 2-3 times per year.*

Charlie Withdrawals
Some people come to see me once every 2 -3 weeks because they want to see and hold Charlie.  I call him my "Brewers Yeast Baby,"  because I consistently took brewers yeast throughout the tail end of my pregnancy and while nursing him.  The "B" vitamins seem to have given him a very mellow, yet alert personality, even through teething!  We always know if I have started slacking off on taking the brewers yeast for a week or more because he starts to get a little fussy.  Charlie is so sweet and cuddly that it is hard to resist wanting to hold him.

What I actually like to do for myself
Honestly...My favorite option is to be worked on as often as I can (I would love to do the one for the intense health issue, but haven't been able to tie anyone down long enough for it, haha).  When I first learned about zoning I traded my mom every 8 days for about 7 months and I have never felt better in my life.  So, if I could choose for people...that is what I would tell them to do, because it worked so well for me.  I currently signed myself and my husband up for a "Master Reset" series.  We are only 2 treatments in on the series and the other night, while driving, I noticed that for the first time in two years I was able to see clearly, with my contacts at night (TWO YEARS!!!).   I've had this nasty astigmatism (that the prescription didn't help with) and I only noticed it at night when it blurred all the lights.  It's too early to tell if it is long lasting or not, but that made me pretty happy...I've been working at improving my eyesight for years, and although I have seen other people heal I had not yet found something to work for me. When this series is done, I am going to keep us on an 8 day routine as long as I have students and graduates around to work on us.  I think that anyone who has the resources available (money and/or people to work on them) should get a foot zone every 8 days until they feel on top of the world then they should ease back to every other week and eventually to 2-3 times per year (5 treatments in 2 months).  If this sounds like something you want to do, long term, you might want to look into taking the classes...or sending a loved one through the classes so they can work on you.*

*I am not a doctor, so I cannot diagnose or prescribe.  I am not God, so I cannot promise healing, but I can tell you that I have worked on hundreds of people and I can share with you some experiences that I have personally witnessed (names removed).  I am not you, so I cannot decide what you should do for your health.  Since the body has its own agenda for healing, results may vary depending on the individual, their health, willpower and needs.